APRIL 2014

The Biogerontology Research Foundation announces the appointment of Dmitry Kaminskiy to the board of trustees

Tuesday, April 1 – London, UK – The Biogerontology Research Foundationannounces the appointment of Dmitry Kaminskiy to the board of trustees. Mr Kaminskiy was approved to join the board of trustees for his proven commitment and dedication to the main charitable objectives of the BGRF, analytical approach to ageing research and international reach.

‍Dmitry Kaminsky

Mr Kaminskiy is the senior partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures (DKV), a venture capital firm in Hong Kong specializing in seed and early stage financing of companies and research projects advancing research in age-related diseases and regenerative medicine. DKV was one of the first companies to perform the top-down and bottom-up Big Data analysis of and apply machine learning to the large biomedical grant, publication, patent and company databases.

“Ageing and age-related diseases take more lives and cause more pain and suffering annually than all wars and pandemics combined. Ageing knows no borders, regional or national boundaries and we need as many intelligent people as possible to focus on this important challenge. In many developed countries extending productive longevity and helping the elderly stay healthy, active, independent and engaged is no longer an altruistic cause, but a pressing economic necessity. We are happy that Dmitry Kaminskiy, who set an example for many by re-focusing his career from banking and technology entrepreneurship to academic philanthropy and supporting research in ageing, is joining our board of trustees”, said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, Director of the BGRF.

Dmitry Kaminskiy is a new generation entrepreneur and well-known visionary originally from Eastern Europe. He has been concentrating on developing his business in East Asia as a priority in recent years. Dmitry built his wealth on IT-solutions, analytics and predictions for private banking, financial engineering and rapidly growing industries. He is known for his experience in information technology, advanced computer science and development of advanced Big Data industrial expert analytical systems. He has a wide network spanning the scientific and business communities across the globe.

Inspired by breakthrough anti-aging research, Dmitry decided to apply his high-level computer developing infrastructure to analyze complex unstructured Big Data in biomedicine, and longevity in particular, to find breakthrough therapies to treat age-related diseases and prolong active and productive longevity.

Becoming a trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation (BGRF) in London, founded in 2007, was the logical next step of his mission. BGRF supports research on aging, addressing the challenges posed by a rapidly aging population. Their research is aimed at reducing the impact of age-related diseases on future generations.

With Dmitry as a trustee, the foundation now intends to expand its educational and social initiatives by developing and supporting online and public resources dedicated to research, training and education related to aging and age-related diseases. Dmitry is committed to making the Biogerontology Research Foundation a hub for worldwide integration of all anti-aging scientists and projects.

One of his notable projects is the Biogerontology and Regenerative Medicine Center in MIPT, which he co-founded and helped finance. Currently, the Center employs over 40 full-time and part-time scientists and medical doctors, including many young scientists. The Center conducts market analysis, produces industry reports and supports both bioinformatics and laboratory research.

In the beginning of 2014, Dmitry decided to launch Deep Knowledge Ventures (DKV, based in Hong Kong), aimed at building an advanced venture capital fund that can merge science, technologies and finance to disrupt existing industries or create new ones. Primarily focusing on high-level biomedical projects at the intersection of Big Data analysis, DKV has already incorporated the unique VITAL decision-support system, which is supervised by a prototype of Artificial Intelligence and has invested in breakthrough personalized medicine companies – Insilico Medicine and Pathway Pharmaceuticals. He started as an investor, but then applied his extraordinary management skills to create a new type of exponential companies that make smart money.

Dmitry is deeply committed to supporting scientific advances in biomedicine, AI and aerospace exploration. His presentations at conferences during 2014 included the Oxford Big Data Science in Medicine conference and Basel Life Sciences Week in Switzerland, both of which promote the use of advanced Big Data analysis in research, drug discovery, personalized medicine, market research and commercial aerospace. During several conferences and interviews in early 2014, he also predicted the beginning of an investment boom in biotech in 2015, and an investment boom in the anti-aging field in 2016-2017.

Working together with the world’s top scientists, Dmitry not only invests in biomedical start-ups and existing companies, but actively shares his passion to extend the healthy and productive lifespan for everyone. In his speeches, he repeatedly noted that it’s necessary to reduce the lag between scientific discoveries and their practical application in innovative industries, while at the same time taking into account the risks that they generate, as well as making the next round of globalization, considering all existential and global risks, more balanced.

With the addition of the new trustee, the BGRF, which was founded in 2007 to support ageing research, address the challenges of a rapidly ageing population, ameliorate the suffering of the elderly and to reduce the impact of disease on future generations, intends to expand its educational and outreach initiatives by developing and supporting online and mobile resources dedicated to research, training and education in ageing and age-related diseases.

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