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JUNE 2008

Biogerontology Research Foundation receives charitable status from the Charity Commission for England and Wales

Reading, UK — On Wednesday, May 14 the Biogerontology Research Foundation (BGRF) met the requirements of the Charity Commission for England and Wales and received a charitable status with the registration number 1124054.

The mission of the BGRF is to support the application of our knowledge of the mechanisms of ageing to the relief of disability, suffering and disease in old age. The formal aims of the charity are to relieve sickness and preserve, protect and advance all or any aspects of the health of elderly persons and to advance the education of the public in the field of biogerontology.

“The decision to grant the BGRF registration as a UK charity represents an important milestone in the effort to defeat the diseases of aging. It will provide us with a platform to direct resources towards drastically under-funded scientific research projects that target the causes of age-related disease, rather than just the symptoms. We are looking forward to engaging with the wider community for support in the pursuit of this important mission”, said Damian Crowe, Managing Trustee.

The BGRF will actively pursue and encourage projects identified by its scientific team as key to these goals. The science of the projects will be screened by a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of world-class researchers in biogerontology and related fields, in consultation with external experts as appropriate. Although these projects may be long term in nature, they will be designed to generate interim results and products that create academic and commercial interest, thereby bringing further resources into play and accelerating progress. As a key component of this strategy, The BGRF will seek appropriate Intellectual Property protection to encourage industry to apply the results of our projects quickly. Our long-term goal is to provide medical practitioners with the tools they need to enable effective and lasting remedies for illnesses and disabilities of old age.

Donations to the BGRF are welcome. For more information on how to donate to the BGRF or provide qualified services on a volunteer basis, please contact Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD at

Details on the Charities Commission for England and Wales registration are available at

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