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30 NOVEMBER 2015
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Democratizing Insights: VITAL Report of the Stem Cell industry

This week, a new semi-automated report by VITAL on the stem cell industry was released. Every consultancy agency, researcher, or anyone who ever tried to have a clear picture by analyzing an industry would tell you that they spent countless hours retrieving the data and cleaning it before ever reaching the point of understanding what that data says. The unique character of VITAL report is that it bypasses all that. It filters and analyses BigData of the Biotech industry by using advanced algorithms, elements of AI and machine learning, to give anyone a clear picture of the advances in a specific subfield of life sciences; the first report was chosen to give a thorough overview of the «stem cell» field. VITAL’s report was subsequently processed by only two analysts, where previously it took much more resources to achieve the same results of quality reporting.

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