Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Reports

Following the publication of the first two volumes of our landmark, 1000-page analytical report on the emerging longevity industry in early 2018, titled Longevity Industry Landscape Overview 2017, Volume 1: The Science of Longevity and Volume 2: The Business of Longevity, we plan on continuing full steam ahead with several follow-up volumes, including:Volume III: Special Case Studies This volume will profile distinct subtopics and research themes within the broader geroscience industry and research landscape, e.g. biomarkers of aging, cell therapies, gene therapies. Volume IV: Novel Financial Systems This volume will focus on the economics of aging and how the emerging longevity industry and geroscience research landscape could help to reshape the global economy in the decades to come. Volume V: Regional Case StudiesThis volume will give an in-depth overview of the longevity industry and geroscience research landscape in specific geographic regions, including the UK, Japan and Italy.