Prevent. Restore. Preserve.
We use the power of science to alleviate suffering through preventive and restorative medicine
Funding research to develop interventions which remediate the molecular damage underlying the diseases of ageing
Public outreach and advocacy for ageing research
Evaluating the impact of biomedical discoveries on the economy
Hosting seminars and conferences
Encouraging young scientists to specialize in the areas of biogerontology
Acting as a think tank for ageing research policy
Evaluating the impact of biomedical discoveries on the economy
What we do
The objective of research conducted or funded by the Biogerontology Research Foundation (the BGRF) is to produce effective cures or treatments for the diseases and frailty commonly associated with ageing in the human population
The book
The director of the BGRF wrote a book on the recent advances in biomedical research with potential to expand human life and health span and the possible effects of these technologies on the economies of the developed countries. The book will be published on the 2nd of July, 2013 by Palgrave Macmillan. Dr. Zhavoronkov has pledged to donate the expected royalty proceeds to ageing research.